The Brand

The Vinyl Touches is your one stop shop for crafts and Cricut education. The Vinyl Touches was created by Megan Smith owner and founder of Cricut Newbies & Tutorials, and The Vinyl Touches Retreats. The group was started for those who are new to crafting and Cricut. Classes are customized and offered to individuals and groups who desire to learn in a group setting but from the comfort of their home. 

We are excited to bring Cricut Crafting Retreats to our members all around the world. Make sure to follow The Vinyl Touches Retreats for upcoming events!

Our objective is to provide a safe, inviting and educational experience for beginner users and seasoned Cricut enthusiasts alike. Our Facebook Channel is an interactive community where members newer to our hobby can ask questions and more experienced users and admins can share their knowledge. Ultimately, we hope to boost confidence and spread the love of Cricut crafting to all members.

We we look forward to working with you and meeting your crafting needs!

Cricut Classes